A real funny sequel to one of the most beloved animated musical thrillers - A Chipmunk Christmas.
YTP Good Looks the sequel (The Return of JoeDak)04:12

YTP Good Looks the sequel (The Return of JoeDak)

A Chipmunk Christmas The Squeakquel

A Chipmunk Christmas: The Squeakquel logo


  • Larry the Cucumber as Alvin
  • Mr. Lunt as Theodore
  • Pa Grape as Simon
  • Archibald Asparagus as Dave


  • (Caption "This film has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit this screen.")
  • (Close-up on a town)
  • Bandit: Alright, everyone! This is a stickup. Don't anybody move. Now empty the villagers!
  • (Blue words on black background "Villager-emptying in progress")
  • Alvin: Yeah, but, I'm dressed like a pirate.
  • Simon: Then do a Pirate Silly Song.
  • Alvin: No!
  • Bandit: See ya later, boys. I hope you like water with your lunches!
  • Alvin: I believe you have something that belongs to them.
  • Bandit: (gets shaken)
  • Radio in Policeman's Car: I am not your friend...
  • Policeman: (singing along) I am not your friend...
  • (Bandit falls into car)
  • Policeman: Aah! It's another space alien.
  • Alvin: (lays on floor)
  • (Caption "ABC Digital Video Enterprises presents")
  • Andy: You saved the day again, Alvin.
  • Alvin: I guess they most like me.
  • (Title shows up)
  • Pea: Make way for Alvin - the King's right-hand-man!
  • (People stare at him)
  • Alvin: Why did the chicken cross the road?
  • (People stare at him)
  • Alvin: I don't know.
  • (Caption "Stand up with Alvin.")
  • Dave: Boo!
  • (Yellow words on black background "Moving on...")
  • Alvin: Heh-ee... It had to rhyme!
  • Dave: Oh come on, you guys. It's only a recording session.
  • Alvin: Don't question the King's grammar!
  • Dave: Maybe I'll even let you play your harmonica, Alvin.
  • Alvin: Now go and get that duck! Uh, young lady... (Throws suitcase) You are a guh-nat.
  • (Blue words on white background "The next morning...")
  • Sven: Not so fast, don't take another hop. We know where you've been and we think it's gotta stop.
  • Lyle: Huh?
  • Ottar: We Vikings rule the seas. We pillage and attack. We never say please. And we never give stuff... back!
  • Sven; Not to mention the potholders.
  • (Alvin looks scared)
  • (Caption "The end.")
  • (Alvin smiles)
  • (Caption "Just kidding. That's not how it ends.")
  • Mr. Dooley: We're looking for a man. A dangerous man. Have you seen him?
  • (Caption "If you don't like it, don't watch it Dooley.")
  • Alvin: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  • King George: I want it.
  • Louis: What? The house?
  • King George: No. The harmonica.
  • (Caption "The night before...")
  • Captain Cuke: Kiss me!
  • Luna: I will never KISS you!
  • Alvin: You're in trouble old pal.
  • (Door opens and closes)
  • (Moe stutters)
  • (Caption "The end.")
  • Tomato Sawyer: Hang on, Little Jimmy. Help is on the way!
  • Alvin: Eh, no wait. Oh, never mind.
  • (Title "A Chipmunk Christmas - The YouTube Poop.")
  • Minn: The park guy isn't from New York. He's really working for Professor Rattan whose been following me this whole time, and I don't think there really is a rogue band of Canadian barrel-makers. They made that whole thing up to trick me. I'm coming home now.
  • Larryboy: I've been driving around all day. I'm tired. I'm hungry. I gotta go to the bathroom. This suit is very constricting. Now Rattan can rule the world cause he's got all the power!

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