Here is the home video trailer for Boo-Boo Ville 2.


  • (Fade up to the people sitting at a fire in the waiting room)
  • Narrator: Can't get enough of your favorite Hollywood classics? Then don't miss this classic sequel to Abe and the Amazing Promise's episode segment - "Blunders at Boo-Boo Ville"!
  • George: (Knocking on Jacques's door) Ahh, Jacques; your Highness... Are you gonna work on saving the college?
  • Millus: I can't! The church is filled with tons of worship stuff!
  • Church Pastor: Sir, if I could have a minute?
  • Jacques: When I exit this window, the flubber will send me right back up, unharmed.
  • Marlee: Are you nuts?
  • Jacques: Ta-ta, my love. (Jacques falls upside down and cracks his skull)
  • Marlee: If you think that you're gonna get my sympathy, you're wasting your time! Oof! We'll discuss this later.
  • Narrator: Jacques had to learn that we can show love to others when we're patient. Can he? Join Jacques and his friends in an extraordinary musical.
  • Choir: When the skies are gray and all the doors are closin'...
  • People: We don't need to wait becuz it's right, right now!
  • Store Manager: Are you guys still doing that thing?
  • Millus: I never said he goes down... (Burp, sniff)
  • (A line of angry people appear)
  • Narrator: Yup, there's something for everyone in Blunders at Boo-Boo Ville 2. On sale now at a Christian bookstore near you.
  • (Squeak)