Here is part one of this amazing Blunders in Boo-Boo Ville 2.


  • Geo N.: Welcome back to Boo-Boo Ville where things grow better all the time.
  • Millus N.: Boo-Boo Ville is the home of Jacques Cuke.
  • Guy: Are you gals still doing that thing?
  • Millus: Yep, you got off easy.
  • Geo: What?
  • Guy: There's an angry line behind you.
  • (An angry line of people appear)
  • Villager Man: He'll hit my brother!
  • Villager Woman: She'll kill my sister!
  • Villager Man 2: Do I hafta say it?
  • Guy: Buy something or get out!
  • (More angry murmurs)
  • Guy: That's it! Get outta here!
  • Geo: (Skates to Jacques's palace, which is basically his cottage) Ahh, Jacques, your highness, are you gonna work on saving the college? Millus and I are gonna help you.
  • Millus: I had to tell about the church, so I'll call them and tell Marlee she'll be late for Jacques's umpteenth-thousandth wedding so he can be king!
  • Reverend: Sorry. It's 2:30 in the morning.
  • Millus: Ah, yeah, but - they say she would be queen if one marries her.