Here we go with part three of Blunders in Boo-Boo Ville 2.


  • (Jacques invents flubber and it bounces around)
  • Geo N.: I never said since he survived a rainstorm and got swallowed by a whale... Well, it coulda been worse. I also forgot that Maurice was Jacques Cuke's friend and mentor.
  • Millus N.: I woke up from a silly dream, of course. It was where Jacques tries to kiss Marlee each day.
  • (The next day...)
  • Marlee: You've gotta lotta nerve after what ya did to me last night. You broke my heart so that you can stay home and make some green goo!
  • Jacques: When I exit this window, I will fall to the ground. The flubber will send me back up unharmed.
  • (Jacques falls upside down)
  • Marlee: If you think you are gonna get my sympathy, you're wasting your time! Oof! We'll discuss this later.
  • Millus N.: It was about dawn. My brother saddled up some horses and donkeys, while I took Jacques, several people and camping supplies. We traveled 45 days to get Jacques's skull fixed.
  • Receptionist: Jacques Cuke! Welcome
  • (They go into the hallway and into the waiting room. Millus glues the people's bottoms as Geo lights up a fire.)
  • Jacques: While they get my skull fixed, you stay here. With the beasts of burden. In the waiting room.
  • Villager Woman: What are we gonna do?
  • Geo: (Nervous laugh) Poor impatient guy. Haste makes mistakes. (Sits close to a TV in the waiting room)
  • (Open on a group of people at a kite festival. A boy lets go and is mad. He studies Rainbow Paradise.)
  • Announcer: COMING SOON! Is the best thing you've ever tasted in the morning! It's RAINBOW PARADISE!!!! Experts say that this may be the most incredible rainbow cereal in the world. If you can come up with a better must be kidding yourself! It is not a toy and supervised by young children. It may cause death and sickness in some people and animals. It ramps up energy and metabolism, but also shrinks fat cells. (Disclaimer screen shows up) The creators of Rainbow Paradise are not responsible for injuries that may occur while using Rainbow Paradise. Don't use this if you're pregnant or have medical conditions.
  • Millus N.: After 1000 days, Jacques was better thanks to Jacques's friends' get well party in the office.
  • Alphonse: Where's Jacques? Maybe his invention will work.
  • (Wolves hollow)
  • Villager Man: He hit my brother!
  • Villager Woman: He killed my sister!
  • (Angry murmurs as Millus and Geo ran to Luxemdonia)

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