Here's the teaser trailer to Blunders in Boo-Boo Ville 2.


  • Narrator: It's the wackiest, grooviest video of the year - every fan has been waiting for!
  • Choir: You won't find him tryna chase the Lord...
  • Narrator: It's an adventure you don't wanna miss!
  • Alphonse: Where's Jacques? Maybe his flubber invention will work.
  • Narrator: But that's not all...
  • Jacques: I'm following in the footsteps of the great Leon Merengue, the most beloved inventor in the world!
  • Marlee: I'm going to explain matters to Mayor LaBleu tomorrow.
  • (Wolves hollowing)
  • Millus: Only everyone thinks that Jacques is a bum in the doctor's office.
  • George: What magazine are you reading?
  • Millus: It's a collector's magazine. Here look at this. The whale was originally deemed to be scary.
  • George: I know... just the thing! (Pulls down a graph of King George naked)
  • Villagers: Aah! He's naked!
  • Millus: See? I told ya so.
  • Jacques: In all these years, I don't think anyone had took me hiking!
  • Narrator: It's the story all the world is talking about. Don't miss Blunders at Boo-Boo Ville 2. It's...
  • Millus: Dynomite!
  • Narrator: And when you're surfing the web, check out Jacques Cuke's website. Stop by each landmark to learn more about everything. Research all of Jacques' inventions. Then when you're ready, help him make kooky inventions in a brand new online game. Don't miss the website at !

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