Fairly Oddhouse Phatom Tales from the Mighty Crypt
The Fairly Oddhouse Phatom: Tales from the Mighty Crypt is an anthology featuring six segments.


Rack, Shack and GeorgeEdit

Queen Brittany and the DuckyEdit

Vikings Get the SodEdit

The Lampshade of No-Real SignificanceEdit

Moe and the Giant MeatballEdit

Fire Marshall and the Mailman TrapEdit

DVD ArtworkEdit

Front CoverEdit

Back CoverEdit

Scene IndexEdit

  1. Heading to a Concert
  2. Denise's American Diner
  3. A Day at the Fudge Factory
  4. No More Cash, No More Caramel Corn Curls
  5. To the Stove!
  6. Stand Down!
  7. I Hate My Ducky
  8. Simon's Bath Duck
  9. Queen Brittany's Infinity
  10. Jonah and the Chipmunk Pirates
  11. I Am that Camp Counselor!
  12. The Storm Hits
  13. Let's Go to Moscow!
  14. Jonah Gets Naked
  15. An Attempt to Pass a Test
  16. Please! Not the Lampshade!
  17. Moe the Sheppard
  18. King Soul's Camp
  19. They're Big, I'm Big
  20. Moe versus The Giant Onion
  21. You've Interpreted the Mayor's Dream
  22. We Have Some News
  23. What Did I Learn Today?
  24. A Great Big Musical Number!
  25. End Credits

Bonus FeaturesEdit

  • Audio Commentary
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Concept Art
  • Interactive Storybook
  • How to Draw Jonah
  • How to Draw Queen Brittany
  • How to Draw Moe the Sheppard
  • The Joke-o-Joke 5000
  • DVD-ROM Fun!
  • Studio Store


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