Fourth song in Gideon, the Tuba Warrior vs. The Magic Railroad!, Gideon sings a bit flatly in order to get what he wants.


  • Pea with Headphones: I've Never Licked a Buttplug Take One. (Snaps clapperboard)
  • Director Tomato: Action!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gideon: (depressingly) Oh, I've never licked a butt plug, and I know it was too painful to lick one, so I know that it was in the time of hardships.
  • Director Tomato: Hold it, you're a bit depressed. Let's try again.
  • Gideon: I'm sorry, I can't try again.
  • Director Tomato: (stares at him blankly)
  • Gideon: I'll be right back. (scurries from set)

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