The third song in Gideon, the Tuba Warrior vs. The Magic Railroad!


  • (Alvin sits on a sofa, in an office)
  • Mayor: So, what seems to be the problem?
  • Alvin: It had all started when I was born.
  • Mayor: So what happened there?
  • Alvin: I just spit out my teeth.
  • Mayor: That's too true.
  • Ginger Snap: Don't know how to say this.
  • Mayor: I have nothing against this.
  • Alvin and Ginger Snap: I'm a tickle, I'm a tickle.
  • Mayor: Are you wanting that Professor Hamlin wants to shoot you while in bed, Alvin?
  • Alvin: I do not think so, mister.
  • Giants: We are giant tickles, I'm a giant tickle, I'm a giant tickle.
  • (Montage of Gideon trying to prepare the magic railroad quest by making people build a contraption)
  • Alvin: ...And that's why he will save the world from talking tickles.
  • Mayor: (Holds up Roscarch test) Can you tell me what this is?
  • Alvin: That looks like a tuba-playing warrior.
  • Gideon Narrating: And Alvin studied the ink blots perfectly until a picture of the mayor showed up and Alvin called it a tuba-playing warrior.
  • Mayor: What did you just call me? I AM NOT A TUBA-PLAYING WARRIOR! (Chases around)

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