I am stuck on everything. Stuck on "Gideon and the Magic Railroad", stuck on "Mr. Dooley's Revenge", stuck on "LarryBoy vs. Professor Haman" and stuck on "Robin Good and the Raiders of Prince John". So, what do I do when I am stuck on something? I write something easy as I get over it.


  • (Full moon reflects in water)
  • (A desperate figure splashes through)
  • Gideon Narrating: In the cards was told of a time not too far passed when in the kingdom of mine, was a desperate search of a new life and new ways. A sign read - "Welcome to the Poison Apple Diner - a tug at where they have frothy mugs of water." (Plant blows away as if by a stiff wind) "Cafe and gift shop."
  • (Killer rock music plays as people in the diner drink mugs of root beer)
  • Professor Hamlin: Hey, Mr. Tuba Warrior Cuke.
  • Gideon: You think you're gonna take me to the middle of Persia after I play my tuba at Cardagie Hall?
  • Professor Hamlin: Carnegie Hall, not Cardagie Hall.
  • Person in Bar: I know that.
  • Professor Hamlin: So who does anyone want to play his instrument at Carnegie Hall?
  • Person in Bar: Maybe I can...
  • Professor Hamlin: Be quiet. (Throws a chair)
  • ("A Tuba Warrior's Pledge" plays)
  • Professor Hamlin: Nice.
  • (Chain saws make buzzing sounds during the tuba warrior's pledge song)
  • Professor Hamlin: What was that?
  • Gideon: Nothing, nothing. Just chainsaws.
  • (Opening credits show up)
  • (Cart with four people drives up a la the turnip wagon in "MacLarry and the Barber-Barians")
  • People in Cart: (notices Gideon walking by)
  • Person 1 in Cart: (snickers evilly as he ties Gideon up and stuffs a bandana in his mouth)
  • Gideon: (muffling) What do you think you're doing to me? Please, untie me this instant!
  • Person 1 in Cart: Go buy a cheeseburger for him and if he takes a bite out of it, he will live in a dump!
  • Gideon: Oh my goodness. He'll make me live in a... garbage can?!?!?
  • Person 1 in Cart: Let Gideon's girlfriend untie her. Once she does, we'll take Gideon and a few people outside of the Poison Apple Diner and have a nice talk about defeating the magic railroad. Then we'll see what Hamlin and Claw Guy have up their sleeves.
  • (People untie him and take bandana out of his mouth)
  • (Back at the Posion Apple Diner...)
  • GIdeon: This path leads to the magic railroad.
  • Teenage Woman 1: Oh, I love this game. Pictures in the dirt. Is it a ladder?
  • Teenage Woman 2: A rake? A bent-up railroad track?
  • Old Man 1: My walking stick, perhaps.

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