Sorry this took way too long. I was actually gonna write this, but I just finished watching A Chipmunk Christmas, so I needed to write this. So buckle up, you young bump-kins; you're in for a tall tale!


  • (Full moon reflects in water)
  • (A desperate figure splashes through)
  • Gideon Narrating: In the cards was told of a time not too far passed when in the kingdom of mine, was a desperate search of a new life and new ways. A sign read - "Welcome to the Poison Apple Diner - a tug at where they have frothy mugs of water." (Plant blows away as if by a stiff wind) "Cafe and gift shop."
  • (Killer rock music plays as people in the diner drink mugs of root beer)
  • Professor Hamlin: Hey, Mr. Tuba Warrior Cuke.
  • Gideon: You think you're gonna take me to the middle of Persia after I play my tuba at Cardagie Hall?
  • Professor Hamlin: Carnegie Hall, not Cardagie Hall.
  • Person in Bar: I know that.
  • Professor Hamlin: So who does anyone want to play his instrument at Carnegie Hall?
  • Person in Bar: Maybe I can...
  • Professor Hamlin: Be quiet. (Throws a chair)
  • ("A Tuba Warrior's Pledge" plays)
  • Professor Hamlin: Nice.
  • (Chain saws make buzzing sounds during the tuba warrior's pledge song)
  • Professor Hamlin: What was that?
  • Gideon: Nothing, nothing. Just chainsaws.
  • (Opening credits show up)

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