Hey-oh, everyone. Welcome to Part Two. Note that the first two parts are short, while the last two are long.


  • (Cart with four people drives up a la the turnip wagon in "MacLarry and the Barber-Barians")
  • People in Cart: (notices Gideon walking by)
  • Person 1 in Cart: (snickers evilly as he ties Gideon up and stuffs a bandana in his mouth)
  • Gideon: (muffling) What do you think you're doing to me? Please, untie me this instant!
  • Person 1 in Cart: Go buy a cheeseburger for him and if he takes a bite out of it, he will live in a dump!
  • Gideon: Oh my goodness. He'll make me live in a... garbage can?!?!?
  • Person 1 in Cart: Let Gideon's girlfriend untie her. Once she does, we'll take Gideon and a few people outside of the Poison Apple Diner and have a nice talk about defeating the magic railroad. Then we'll see what Hamlin and Claw Guy have up their sleeves.
  • (People untie him and take bandana out of his mouth)
  • (Back at the Posion Apple Diner...)
  • GIdeon: This path leads to the magic railroad.
  • Teenage Woman 1: Oh, I love this game. Pictures in the dirt. Is it a ladder?
  • Teenage Woman 2: A rake? A bent-up railroad track?
  • Old Man 1: My walking stick, perhaps.

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