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Ginerva: Drum Warrior is a mix-up between A Chipmunk Christmas and K-Girl and the Bad Apple.
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When Ginerva (Petunia Rhubarb) gives her cherished drum to a sick little boy (Trevor (Junior Asparagus) who stayed in the hospital, she is asked to stop her three brothers (Ken (Jimmy Gourd), Dan (Jerry Gourd) and John (Tom Grape)) who were kidnapped by pirates. Ginerva keeps the loss of her drum as a secret, and with the help of her friends, Toby (Bob the Tomato), Trevor's stepmothers and stepsisters, Douglas (Archibald Asparagus), Albert (Jean-Claude Pea), Harold (Scooter), Christina (Sara Crewe) and Eddie (Phillipe Pea), from high school led by Alex, Terrence and Sheridan (Larry, Pa Grape and Mr. Lunt), who worked as insurance salesmen over the summer, scrambles to earn enough money to buy another drum on their quest to stop those evil pirates in time for the musical with a lesson in dealing with our desires just in time for the football season!


Alex, standing next to a lamppost, greets us and presents us with an explanation on Strawberry. Joining him are Terrence and Sheridan who worked as insurance salesmen. They tell a legend about Strawberry's origins foreshadowing the events of Pickle FoothighThe Return of a Kind Viking and S.A.G.E. Trevor lays in his bed, sick as a dog, and doctors visit his house and there was nothing they could do. Each day, the maids tried to make him feel better, and still nothing happened. Meanwhile, Ichabod plans to have Ginerva's three brothers kidnapped by pirates. Alex, Terrence and Sheridan run an insurance booth during their summer vacation in the woods. They jump into some webs when Ginerva pays for her SUV. They team up with Toby, Douglas, Albert, Trevor's stepmothers and stepsisters, Harold, Christina and Eddie. While Christina wished they all went to Ginerva's house to talk, the place they usually met to talk about their personal space and what they do in their spare time, which was the high school districts, was closed for the summer, and Christina's, Eddie's and Terrence's houses were getting cleaned from top to bottom; both Douglas's and Harold's were in construction, both Toby's and Sheridan's were too messy, both Trevor's stepmothers and stepsisters' and Albert's were too noisy, and Alex didn't have a reason to not invite them over to his house because his was quiet and peaceful. As they present Trevor with a drum that Ginerva's brothers bought her, Toby calls the fire department as Douglas writes a hit song, Harold keeps the people from the pirates and Albert and Eddie throw slushees at the pirates. In Alex, Ginerva, Terrence and Sheridan's web, they confront two people and battle the city. Then the Silly Song "The Tomato Hunters " also known as "Catch, Tomato!" (a pun on ketchup), which is narrated by a barbershop quartet compromising of two rhubarbs and two leeks, plays. Returning to the story, they arrest Ichabod. But when they round up dogs and set up a money booth, a cat ruins it after three weeks. That evening, Douglas mistakes their actions and sends them up to Ginerva's chamber. While the others were sleeping (With the exception of Alex, Ginerva, Terrence and Sheridan), Ginerva uses her skills to design, make and sew a red-and-white striped shirt, a strawberry-printed fedora, a pair of glasses, a red jacket that will be tied to her waist and a jeans skirt that night. Many months after, they learn that Trevor is fully recovered. But after a musical performance, Ginerva's wardrobe explode and confesses that she has taking lessons on how to be a kindly Viking. At a town meeting, they learn that she has the talents to be a kind Viking.


  • Petunia Rhubarb as Ginerva
  • Larry the Cucumber as Alex
  • Mr. Lunt as Terrence
  • Pa Grape as Sheridan
  • Archibald Asparagus as Douglas
  • Sara Crewe as Christina
  • Jimmy Gourd as Ken
  • Jerry Gourd as Dan
  • Tom Grape as John
  • Mr. Nezzer as Ichabod
  • Bob the Tomato as Toby
  • Scooter as Harold
  • Junior Asparagus as Trevor
  • Laura Carrot as Tammy
  • Jean-Claude Pea as Albert
  • Phillipe Pea as Eddie
  • Various fruits and vegetables as evil pirates
  • Melody Leek as himself
  • Baritone Leek as herself
  • Tenor Rhubarb as himself
  • Bass Rhubarb as herself
  • Trevor's stepmothers and stepsisters as themselves

Character VoicesEdit

  • Cydney Trent
    • Ginerva
    • Baritone Leek
  • Mike Nawrocki
    • Alex
    • Dan
    • Albert
    • Townsperson
  • Phil Vischer
    • Toby
    • Eddie
    • Douglas
    • Melody Leek
    • Ken
    • John
    • Terrence
    • Sheridan
    • Ichabod
  • Lisa Vischer
    • Trevor
    • Bass Rhubarb
  • Keri Pisapia
    • Tammy
  • Jim Poole
    • Harold
    • Tenor Rhubarb
  • Anna Grace Stewart
    • Christina

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