Here is the introduction to The Lone Stranger Forever.


  • Male Voice-over: Welcome to Moe and The Big Exit - The Parody. But before we get to the feature presentation, let's see what kind lies in your future. How? Simple. We designed this "Highly Advance Video Lone Stranger Fortune Teller". All you need is a DVD remote. Begin. You will have 20 seconds. When the moment feels right, click "pause" on your remote. We guarantee - not at all - that your very own Lone Stranger fortune will come true. This may not work on all VCRs or DVD players. You use a friend's to do it. After you've read it, just return to Moe & The Big Exit: The Parody. Good luck.
  • (Scattering in motion)
  • Male Voice-over: Enjoy the show you're watching - Moe & the Big Exit... The Parody.

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