This is the first song in the whole film.


  • (Everything turns dark)
  • Alvin: I knew that they invited to play the hidden.
  • Theodore: They invited to play the hidden if they ate a lot of cookies.
  • Simon: But for what it's worth, is to make people leave homeless - in the woods without any food.
  • Kyle: Yeah, send them to swim and let them be saved from being drowned unclaimed invite.
  • Buccaneer Lunt: And once we sell when you fall asleep. Right, Elliot?
  • Buccaneer Larry: Sedgewick, I eventually notice that they want to hang from a sediment.
  • Strawberry: Alvin needs to pull in some strength.
  • Molly: You go, Awesomst Seville, Brainy Seville and Chubby Seville!
  • Gil: If we made them move mountains and tremble the earth.
  • Simon: When you feel a taste of our eternities!
  • Theodore: Perhaps we fall well if they do salad.
  • Alvin: I...won'

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