This will go with the tune of the song Light Of Christmas by Owl City and tobyMac.


  • Simon: I got some kindling to make a fire.
  • Alvin: Build a rowboat with the wind at its back. (Pulls out a toy pirate ship) Got the day planned and buses to catch. Fight the windchill with all your friends, cause I will stop the men from here.
  • Theodore: Goin' downtown and spreadin' good cheer, handing gloves out when we volunteer for the crew, grinning from ear to ear, saying we are thieves.
  • Alvin: And everyone's like Yo-ho-ho! Four wheel driving through the seas, fightin' the cold with some water, grabbing your ma to the mall we go, and there's a man outside with a pan and a broom, wants ta go home with a story to tell. He's reminded us that his sea life had nothing to do living himself through.

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