This song will go with the tune of Obscure Broadway Showtunes With Larry- A Mess Down in Egypt.


  • Contraption Singers: Number Twenty-Six - A Mess In Ninaborough
  • (80s sitcom music kicks in)
  • Alvin: Arr! Listen to the Pirates as we tell you...
  • Pirates: Now!
  • Buccaneer Larry: How losing your cool and having a...
  • Pirates: Cow!
  • Alvin: We get ya mugged up all over Ninaborough!
  • Pirates: (various "na"s)
  • Alvin: On the banks of the ocean born and...
  • Pirates: Raised!
  • Buccaneer Larry: In the crib of the mayor, in her teenage...
  • Pirates: Days!
  • Alvin: Chillin', kickin', wearing silk jammies, learning the alphabet from her teachers when an evil man...
  • Pirates: Up to no good!
  • Alvin: Started hiring pirates!
  • Pirates: For unhappy people!
  • Buccaneer Larry: Coulda called the cops, stood back but instead...
  • Pirates: She took some big prayers upside-a her head! A life down in Ninaborough, their troubles are severe. (Various "na"s) The stress down in Ninaborough increases more each year. (Various "na"s)
  • Theodore: GRAH! (lunges for Simon)
  • Simon: EEP! (Gets tackled)
  • (Theodore chases Simon in background, Captain Pa screams at the boys, Lunt and Larry watch from a safe distance)
  • Alvin: Now word spread quickly, and she got all scared.
  • Pirates: Oh!
  • Alvin: She had to get away from this evil news!
  • Pirates: Oh!
  • Alvin: She packed her bags, hoping to stay in a capital way...
  • Pirates: Oh! Oh!
  • Alvin: She sailed for years,
  • Pirates: And told the truth to the queen!
  • Alvin: She returned back home in Strawberryland! I guess down there, no moving day is near. (Various "na"s) Unless she will take us outta here. (Various "na"s) Hey!
  • Narrator: Tune in next time to hear Alvin sing...
  • Alvin: Oh, the Captain's goin' crazy...
  • Buccaneer Lunt: (facepalms) Aye aye aye...
  • Narrator: And...
  • Alvin: Simon and Theodore are askin' each other out.
  • Narrator: And...
  • Alvin: It is the biggest experience I never saw before.
  • Buccaneer Larry: Wha-? (turns around)
  • Narrator: And...
  • Alvin: (hops off, breathing) I'm done.
  • Narrator: Invocations? Benedictions?
  • Alvin: Ahh, no.
  • Narrator: Alrighty.
  • Simon: Get my rapid Theodore off-a me!

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