Also known as What's Up with Strawberry, the mood for this is real dark and spooky.


  • Chog: Ready, fellas?
  • Buccaneer Lunt and Captain Pa: Ready whenever you are.
  • Buccaneer Larry: What's up with Strawberry? What's up with her? I'm telling you that girl doesn't fit the pirate style.
  • Buccaneer Lunt: Does anybody know why?
  • Buccaneer Larry: By now, my too friends. It's very simple. (Pulls out photo wallet) Since 1984, her strategies are clear. (Photo of Strawberry as a young girl) Go out and worship her (Photo of Gil's mother with a trophy) and bring her life in. (Photos of Gil's mother throwing water balloons at a target) You know that little girl (Photo of Strawberry with a grim look on her face, looking wet), she's got me feelin' all comtept-y. (Photo of Strawberry as a teen) Didn't hafta do this but (Photo of Strawberry in college) I'm gonna go after her. What, what, what is up with her?