This is a song featured in It's a Not-So Meaningful Light.


  • ("Bellybutton" ringtone)
  • Young Lass: It's my mom, sorry. Hi, mom.
  • Buccaneer Lunt: A little situation, miss. Captain Pa killed one of the girl scallions.
  • Young Lass: What?! If you shoot another pirate, I will hafta call the police and you'll get arrested and taken to jail.
  • Policeman: Hey dude, why was your mother talking?
  • Hipster Carrot: It's not her mother talking. It's Buccaneers Larry and Lunt talking.
  • Young Lass: I'm sorry, Buccaneer Larry, but it will happen.
  • Buccaneer Larry: At least it wasn't a battle disposal. And... there goes another.
  • Young Lass: What are you saying.
  • Buccaneer Larry: Sorry, miss. Quick explanation.
  • Buccaneer Lunt: How do you feel about a bucket dumping water?
  • Young Lass: Look, pirates. If you wipe out that island, you're sorry. Lost at sea. Understand?
  • Buccaneer Larry and Buccaneer Lunt: We understand.
  • Policeman, Villagers, Hipster Carrot, Glamour Gourd and Sweater Gherkin: D8
  • Young Lass: Mothers.
  • Captain Pa: Buccaneer Larry, we gotta get on those dog sleds to Ninaborough.
  • Pirate Scallion: Goodnight.
  • Pirates: Those girls are mean.
  • Buccaneer Larry: They don't like it a lot.
  • Buccaneer Lunt: They're brave thieves, bandits, naives, destroyers and robbers.