Josh and the Big Bovary DVD cover

"Josh and The Big Bovary!" DVD cover

Josh and the Big Bovary is a parody of Gustave Flaubert's novel Madame Bovary.


Part OneEdit

  1. Dustin's childhood, student days
  2. Dustin introduces his family-in-laws to Joshua
  3. Dustin's girlfriend, grandmother-in-law, grandfather-in-law, and his great-grandparents die
  4. The puppy love
  5. The households - Mr. Lawrence and Mr. and Mrs. Hummus
  6. An account of Joshua's childhood, charities and secret fantasty world
  7. Joshua gets galeezeled
  8. The Dance of Dustin Mortificent

Part TwoEdit

  1. A dinner invitation
  2. Cage reverser
  3. Pretending fancy
  4. Jail time at Martin's bed and breakfast, an initiation lodge
  5. The Song of the Minions
  6. Randalf Boogers dies
  7. The guards lie awatch
  8. The big bovary!

Part ThreeEdit

  1. People run away
  2. Lion Doofus
  3. Mr. Lawrence revealed
  4. Endangered Problems
  5. A recording session
  6. A moneymaking campaign
  7. The battle of the bovary
  8. Joshua's epiphany

Part FourEdit

  1. Joshua resumes auctions on Fridays
  2. Honoring a special guy
  3. Joshua is gone!
  4. A new caretaker
  5. The mayor's dream
  6. Big Dreams, Too
  7. The bovary collapses
  8. Joshua watches the people rejoice


  • Guards on the great bovary city
  • Joshua
  • The sick, sad and mute minions
  • Randalf Boogers, the barmaid at Martin's Bed and Breakfast
  • Lion Doofus, the garbage man
  • Mr. Lawrence, Dustin's great-grandfather
  • Mr. Hummus, Dustin's father-in-law
  • Mrs. Hummus, Dustin's mother-in-law
  • Leslie, Dustin's sister-in-law
  • Dustin Mortificent
  • Ryan, Dustin's brother-in-law

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