Esther in Haman's return is a sequel to Esther the Girl Who Became Queen. 


Haman escapes from the Island of Perpetual Tickling and Larryboy must stop him. Featuring "The Worst Cooks in America" from Vanna and the BITS!


  • Larry as Marcus the Scribe and Larry-Boy
  • Archibald as Alfred
  • Esther as Herself
  • Mr. Nezzer as King Xerses
  • Mr. Lunt as Haman
  • Pa Grape as Mordecai
  • Petunia as the Princess
  • Junior as himself
  • Scooter as himself
  • Laura Carrot as Vanna Banana
  • Grape Girl as Woman in Jail
  • Betty as Asylum Owner
  • Mayor's Daughter from Moe and the Big Exit as Woman in Jail
  • Tom Grape as Himself (Cameo)
  • Percy as Big Red
  • Jimmy as Little John
  • Jerry as Policeman
  • Bob the Tomato as The Sheriff of Bethlingham (cameo)

DVD ArtworkEdit

Front CoverEdit

  • Alfred, LarryBoy and Haman

Back CoverEdit

  • Haman falls into a well
  • A man falling to his death
  • LarryBoy swinging into view
  • Bottom-left corner: Larry, Junior, Jimmy and Mr. Lunt in their Boyz costumes

Opening PreviewsEdit

  • Warning screen
  • DVD menu
  • Why We Do, What We Do
  • VeggieTales Theme Song