Also known as VeggieFan2000's Thanksgiving Special, Pickle Foothigh is a sequel to Ginerva: Drum Warrior, takes place during the football season and teaches a lesson about the power of words.
Pickle Foothigh

"Pickle Foot High" DVD cover


Any rumors caught your ear lately? Alex, Terrence, Toby, Albert, Eddie, Harold, and Sheridan (Larry, Pa Grape, Bob, Jean-Claude, Phillipe, Scooter, and Mr. Lunt) learn just how easily rumors get started when they accidentally launch a whopper about Douglas (Archibald). Before they know it, their little story is spreading all over their quaint village. Can Alex, Terrence, Toby, Albert, Eddie, Harold, and Sheridan get to the root of the problem before Douglas gets whacked? Kids will discover, right along with Alex, Terrence and Sheridan, that God wants us to spread nice words about others. You'll also enjoy "Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed"!


  • Larry the Cucumber as Alex
  • Mr. Lunt as Terrence
  • Pa Grape as Sheridan
  • Bob the Tomato as Toby
  • Jean-Claude Pea as Albert
  • Phillipe Pea as Eddie
  • Scooter as Harold
  • Archibald Asparagus as Douglas

Characters VoicesEdit

  • Phil Vischer:
    • Terrence (Mr. Lunt)
    • Toby (Bob the Tomato)
    • Eddie (Phillipe Pea)
    • Sheridan (Pa Grape)
    • Douglas (Archibald Asparagus)
  • Mike Nawrocki
    • Alex (Larry the Cucumber)
    • Albert (Jean-Claude Pea)
  • Jim Poole:
    • Harold (Scooter)

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