Here's Part One of The Return of a Kind Viking. If one dare listens, then one dare hears, a tale to rouse your secret fears; tarry not for the end draws nigh, on Strawberry Shortcake, the Kindly Viking.


  • (Book opens up)
  • Captain Steve Narrating: Once there were two bands of friends out on the sea. (Page flips) As friends did, they had fun. But it turned to robbing along the line. (Page flips to them in bed) So that escalated and they were enemies.
  • Bruce and John: (screams) GINGER SNAP! YOU WICKED FATE! WE'LL GET YOU!!!!!
  • Ginger Snap: (screams) BRUCE AND JOHN! YOU PESKY LITTLE BOYS! I'LL GET YOU!!!!!
  • Capain N.: And so it was that they never spoke again. (Cut to him riding on an eagle)
  • Captain Steve: So to tell this story of a kind princess, you gotta start off with the first Viking who is nice to people. His name was Lyle. (Flashback of "Lyle the Kindly Viking" footage) Lyle is nice to others. Why, after a raid, he gives back to the monks. When a storm comes, the monks save Lyle and his friends. Lyle explains to them sharing is more fun than stealing. Time has passed after Lyle's life. When he died, a princess Viking was born. She was also kind to people. But as her friends... (The girl Vikings appear - in their boat - an elegant pirate ship with lots of sports equipment)
  • Girl Vikings: (Singing the Captain Steve theme as they get off the boat)
  • Captain N.: Just like other Vikings, these girl Vikings spend their days attacking.
  • Captain Steve: To the village hill, girl Vikings! We shall plot the evil Vikings' revenge over cookies, cakes, fruits, cheesecurls, pizza and rootbeer!
  • Captain N.: The princess Viking was eager to join but I stopped her from plotting the revenge.
  • Captain Steve: Not you. You got homework to do. You need practice. Good lass.
  • Girl Vikings: (Singing the Captain Steve theme)
  • Captain Steve: Aww, come on! You don't hafta sing my theme song everytime!
  • Princess: (Hops over to her boat)
  • Captain N.: After they returned from the raids, she'd take her strawberries and her money and head out across the sea in her boat. I haven't worked her until she was too tired to form new thoughts or swallow her food. (Tango music plays)
  • Princess: Alone in a village of many, did my best to fit in; Viking skills; Well, I do have 'em. The best Kindly Viking. I try to best, but I don't choke. Practically awesome, I give it my all plus 100%, but anyone cares 'bout a girl who is anything, alone in a village of many, did my best to fit in; the best kindly Viking.

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