Here's the transcript for Side B of the DVD.


  • Barber: Okay, fella. You ready for your shave?
  • Nanny: Mm-hmm.
  • Barber: I'm gonna get you all cleaned up for the DVD.
  • Nanny: Yeah.
  • Barber: Hey, where's your popcorn?
  • Nanny: Ahh...
  • Barber: Did you forget about the snacks?
  • Nanny: No.
  • Barber: You sit back and I'll be right back with a tasty treat!
  • (Barber hops up)
  • Nanny: (stares at the viewer)
  • Barber: You like lots of water, eh? (closes door)
  • Nanny: (still staring)
  • Barber: (O.S.) Hello? Hello? HELLO? Is anyone there? (pause) Is this thing on?
  • Nanny: (stil staring)
  • Barber: (O.S.) So we got a movie? Oh, look. In "Bonus Features", if a show wasn't enough, we got bonus features too! Or we should go down and see what's there.
  • Nanny: (still staring)
  • Barber: (O.S.) I remember getting something to drink. The popcorn is mostly salty.
  • Nanny: (still staring)
  • Barber: (O.S.) Uh, can I borrow the phone? I should call my mother if I'm gonna be this late.
  • Nanny: (still staring)
  • Barber: (O.S.) "Favorite Scenes". Hey nanny, what is your favorite scene?
  • Nanny: My favorite scene is where Karen cranks up the boat motor. What's your favorite scene?
  • Barber: (O.S.) I'll tell you what my favorite scene is... it's uh... Can't remember if anyone saw me or not.
  • Nanny: (Again stares at the camera)
  • Barber: (O.S.) I hope I get some fanmail with just a walkthrough of the DVD. I'm gonna be late back to work. Oh, this land is getting kinda hot, my brain is pumping up and it's chafing down my sensitive skin. "Studio Store"? That looks interesting. The last time my family went shopping at an animation studio was back in 1981 when I was, like, two at the time.
  • Nanny: When I was just four years old, the last time my mother went shopping at an animation studio was back in 1964.
  • Barber: (O.S.) If you like the movie, why don't you leave me busy? Why, that'd be swell. I wonder how much this shave and the DVD is gonna cost me.

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