Here is the home video release for Huckleberry Larry vs. Professor Hamlin!


  • (Close-up of Persia)
  • Narrator: It has been a year since he defeated the Midianites...
  • Reporter: This here is an animal shelter...
  • Narrator: ...since when evil is afoot...
  • (Bandit laughs as he steals a bag of cocoa)
  • Persian: Call the police!
  • (Police officers blow whistles)
  • (Huckleberry Larry swings into view)
  • Narrator: job is too big, no cuke is too small.
  • (Policemen chase Huck and Hamlin)
  • Police Officer 1: Woah-ah-ah-ah... (stands on treadmill)
  • Police Officer 2: Gotcha, Mr. Cuke! (runs into a photo booth)
  • Reporter: Let's go.
  • Huckleberry: I'll take that off your hands. You won't be needing this when you're going.
  • Narrator: In the tradition of King George and the DuckyEsther... The Girl Who Became Queen, Gideon: Tuba Warrior and The Ballad of Little Joe, is the story of HUCKLEBERRY LARRY vs. PROFESSOR HAMLIN!!!!!!!!!