I was actually gonna do Boo-Boo Ville 2, but you wanted part four of this Persian tale, so here it is!


  • (Crowd - commotion)
  • Huck N.: Yes, it looks like everyone's headed for the St. Louis' World's Fair, according to Hamlin's plan. What? Where would you want the story to end? At the Mooselake Children's Museum?
  • (Huck, the Millward-resemblance person and his nephew and the empress swing into view on vines)
  • (Huck jumped into a log)
  • Announcer: Keep your legs and arms inside the vehicle at all times. Thank you.
  • (A guy suddenly faints)
  • (A guy wearing lederhosen and a wig and spoke Swedish hopped in a hot air balloon and took off)
  • Huck N.: I knew that guy was Little Jimmy. He barely got back in and took off. But the pea cut it and he fell to his death. I ran to a broken piece.
  • (Hamlin shows up)
  • Hamlin: THERE he is! It's that g-nat!
  • Huck: I gotta escape. (Grabs vine) Hasta la vista!
  • Everyone at the world's fair: Go away!
  • (They swing to the amphitheater)
  • Huck: I'm Huckleberry Larry - and these are my good friends.
  • Hamlin: Aha! (To his guards) Kill that rhubarb and that pickle. I will be watching from a safe distance.
  • Prospector, Jude, Karen and Men: Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaagggggggggh!!!!!!!
  • Huck N.: What would I do if they did that?! I had the answer. I and many Persians defeated them using musical instruments and flashlights, just like when I defeated the Midianites. (They do that)
  • Hamlin: You wouldn't dare!
  • Huck N.: I stopped Hamlin with a flashlight. He suddenly fainted. I thought it had been the worst day of my life. (Throws Hamlin, the men, and his guards in policeman's car) But I was wrong.
  • Policeman: I have been looking all over for years. Huckleberry Larry, keep up the good work!
  • Huck: I defeated that guy and those men. Now finally, I can marry you.
  • Huck N.: And so, the Persians were in attendance.
  • Church pastor: You may kiss the empress, Huck.
  • (Huck and the empress kiss each other.)
  • (Cut to Jimmy and Donald on a boat)
  • Jimmy: If you behave, Mr. Asiris,
  • Donald: maybe we'll let ya be the mayor again? Deal?
  • Mayor Asiris: Guid forenicht! Ah am mayur asiris.
  • Jimmy: Och mah goodness!
  • Donald: Can we tak' heem oan a dooble date wi' some scottish burds sae they can translate his scottish heelain accent?
  • Jimmy: (stares at the driver) Why did Donald and Chief Asiris already speak Scottish?
  • Captain: We're taking them to Scotland for the rest of their lives.
  • Jimmy: Does that mean...
  • Mayor Asiris: Aye! 'Tis true! (Cut to Huck on a raft on the Mississippi River)
  • Huck: Madre de Dios! (Ringtone chiming) It's my friend, Tomato Sawyer. Heh. Hi, Tom!
  • Tom: (voiceover) Hey, Huck. How's it going?
  • Huck: It's goin' pretty good. Good thing Papa didn't want to hear this anyway.
  • Tom: (V.O.) Would you tell me already?
  • Huck: The empress and I married each other.
  • Tom: (V.O.) So you defeated Hamlin with a horn and a flashlight.
  • Huck: Look, I'm retiring.
  • Tom: (V.O.) What do you mean you're retiring? You just married the empress! And now, you're breaking up!?!
  • Huck: I'm sorry to tell, but I will live on the banks with you.
  • Tom: (V.O.) You'll be working on Jerkyland.
  • Huck: Right-o. And you will be working on a tax preparation office.
  • Tom: (V.O.) Catch ya later.
  • Huck: Alright. Goodbye. (Closes cellphone)
  • Huck N.: Up to the last minute, I worried that everyone would think I was a big loser. But like an angel said, it's important to do what's right. Because I followed his advice, many of the Persians would volunteer to clean up Persia after Hamlin destroyed it.

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