• Huckleberry Narrating: Dear journal; it's me, Huck. I was a little nervous about defeating the Midianites with horns and flashlights but I trusted God anyway. Well, the angel who helped me didn't tell me that. Or maybe he did. It had all started when the victory parade ended and I moved to Babylon.
  • (A guard swings a mallet into a cymbal as Hamlin hops in and mad organ music plays)
  • Hamlin: Guards, I'm ready. Bring in my plan and bring in Huck. Word has came from Persia. I'm leading this.
  • Guard 1: If that action hero clown leaves the safety, we'll be vulnerable.
  • Hamlin: If we follow the usual patrol route, we'll reach the world's fair by Friday. Once we get the clearing, we'll kill Huckleberry and the empress.
  • Guard 2: Here's your suspect.
  • Hamlin: Great. Spread the word.
  • Huckleberry: I was real nervous about Hamlin. If he follows the usual patrol route, he'll reach there by Friday. Once he gets the clearing, I'll defeat Hamlin. When the smoke clears, Persia will be free. (A guy appears)
  • Guy: Hello, world.
  • Hamlin: Huh? A stranger in here?
  • Guy: I'm gonna help Huck save Persia. Just ask my nephew. (His nephew appears)
  • Resemblance Guy's Nephew: You got it right. When you and I were young in school, we watched some superhero films.
  • Guy: My nephew's gonna help Huck save Persia, too.
  • Hamlin: Are you standing?
  • Guy: I'm not standing. Ha! I'm Persian!
  • Hamlin: What are you doing? Send him out!
  • (Huck is thrown out of Hamlin's palace and runs through Babylon. A wagon filled with canvas drives up and Huck climbs in)
  • Canvas Man: Well, howdy; Mr. Cuke. (The guy that resembles Millward and his nephew hop in)
  • Hamlin: We move out as soon as he leaves Babylon! Ready, men? Good. Let's roll!
  • Horse: Where are you taking him?
  • Canvas Man: To Persia. Step on it!
  • (Sirens and alarms)

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