Here is the theatrical trailer to this amazing Persian legend.


  • (Green rating screen)
  • Mayor Asiris: W-w-w-who are you?
  • Jimmy: I am Jimmy, your royal servant.
  • Mayor Asiris: What are you doing here? I don't remember inviting...
  • (Flash to blue words on a white background "An action hero...")
  • Huck: Madre de Dios!
  • (Flash to blue words on a white background "An empress with a selfish degree...")
  • Empress: Please! Untie me this instant!
  • (Flash to blue words on a white background "And a greedy professor who has a bad attitude.")
  • Hamlin: I would like to ask all eligible people to please come with me.
  • Guy: So I said, "I'm not standing. Ha! I'm Persian!"
  • Donald: Guards, bring him a kilt and some bagpipes!
  • Jimmy: Och mach goodness!
  • (Flash to blue words on a white background "It's an adventure Huck goes on that none of 'em will forget!")
  • (As epic music plays, images flash by quickly-, Huck meets two guards standing at the gate, a thief falling into the policeman's car and the policeman is startled, Huck throws out a woman, a canvas wagon drives up, a guy shooting a Persian, another guy stealing a slushee, Huck walking through the hallway of the palace, dragging woman behind, Hamlin destroying Persia, Huck and friends swinging into view, and Hamlin fainting)
  • Narrator: THE TALE OF AN EMPRESS. Swinging into theaters this fall.

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