First song in Josh and the Big Bovary!, this will go with the tune of The Dance of the Cucumber from Rack, Shack & Benny.


  • Stage Man: Dustin will be performing a traditional French ballad - "The Dance of Dustin Mortificent" in its original French. Ryan, his brother-in-law will translate.
  • Dustin: Regarde-moi
  • Ryan: Watch me.
  • Dustin: Voir comment il se déplace
  • Ryan: See how he moves.
  • Dustin: Comme un ours chassant une personne
  • Ryan: Like a bear chasing a person.
  • Dustin: Regarde-moi
  • Ryan: Watch me.
  • Dustin: Oh, comment lisser sa motion comme la saleté sur un poulet chauve
  • Ryan: Oh, how smooth his motion like dirt on a bald chicken.
  • Dustin: Regarde-moi
  • Ryan: Watch me.
  • Dustin:Tous les gens envient leur ami qui souhaitent danser comme il
  • Ryan: All the people envy their friend wishing to dance as he. Dancing Mortificent, Dancing Mortificent, dance, dance, yeah.
  • Dustin: Regardez-le n'est-ce pas triste, il ne peut pas danser pauvre gars il veut danser comme lui libre et lisse, mais il ne peut pas
  • Ryan: Look at him isn't it sad he can't dance poor guy he wishes to dance like him smooth and freely but he can't.

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