Here is the Blu-Ray trailer for The Lone Stranger Forever


  • (ABC Digital Video Enterprises logo)
  • (Killer rock music)
  • (An abrupt shot of Playmobil City as the people leave)
  • (Yellow words on red background "The good city of Playmobil City was unharmed")
  • Narrator: The good city of Playmobil City was unharmed.
  • (People working on cliff)
  • (Moe gets hit by a dodgeball)
  • (Caption "Until one day...")
  • Narrator: Until one day...
  • (Moe, Aaron and Zippy watch workers)
  • (Grasshoppers infest the town)
  • (Caption "When everyone became slaves...")
  • Narrator: When everyone became slaves...
  • (Babies get sent up the river)
  • (Caption "A masked cucumber ever to join a support group")
  • Narrator: A masked cucumber ever to join a support group...
  • (Prairie dogs pop up on golf field)
  • Guard: What is it?
  • Guard 2: It's tomato juice.
  • (Caption "Comes out of a basket for the first time")
  • Narrator: Comes out of a basket for the first time...
  • Mayor's Daughter: It's Indian for "looking for gold and finding a baby!"
  • (Caption "To stop the slavery from the evil mayor!")
  • Narrator: To stop the slavery from the evil mayor!
  • Wyatt: I mean, you can't dig the Grand Canyon, build Monument Valley and paint the Painted Desert with just a few guys.
  • Moe: I'm tired of running and I'm not going back in that well! Alright bear, find another cucumber to chase!
  • Aaron: Let us go. Set us free. We want to leave. No more digging and stacking and selling rubber tomahawks.
  • Mayor: You want me to let you go, eh? Sixty barrows an hour! And you're gonna dig without shovels or picks to boot! And you... you can go back and tell your people you just made their lives even more miserable. Get back to your souvenir shack and take whats-his-name with you before I lose my patience!
  • Narrator: ABC Digital Video Enterprises, Inc. presents - The Lone Stranger Forever. PG-13 and R-rated director's cut. Now on Blu-Ray Combo Pack and DVD.

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