Here is the home video trailer for The Lone Stranger Forever.


  • Moe: Okay, another Friday night alone means one thing: Charades. Your turn, Aaron. It's a book - a book and a pencil sharpener - it's a movie. Four words. First word: The - "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (Aaron pulls out flowerpot) And you got phantoms. "Phantom of the Opera". No, you (Aaron pulls out a dead chipmunk with a baseball cap and sweatshirt) it's - "Alvin and the Chipmunks." (Aaron pulls out a stiff fiddle) I got it! "Fiddler on the Roof." (Fiddle falls) Where do you think you're going? I got it! "The Wizard of Oz!"
  • Narrator: ABC Digital Video Enterprises presents - Playmobil City was unharmed until one day when everyone became slaves, a masked cucumber ever to join a support group comes out of a basket for the first time to stop the slavery from an evil mayor in The Lone Stranger Forever. Coming to a DVD player near you. Really near you. Like, maybe, right next door.
  • Aaron: Movie - four words - "It's a Wonderful Life."
  • Moe: How did you do that?

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