• Cowboy Pea 1: The boot, obviously. Rollin' along, happy as Larry, then crack! Hatches into the first spur.
  • Cowboy Pea 2: Yeah, but where'd the boot come from, then?
  • Cowboy Pea 1: What do you mean, where'd it come from?
  • Cowboy Pea 2: Boot comes rollin' along, happy as Larry. It's wonderin', "Where'd it come from?" Without a spur, you get no boot to come rollin' along.
  • Cowboy Pea 1: Well, conversely, without a spur to hatch into the boot, there will be no spur to lay the other boot that hatches into the spur that lays the boot I mentioned in the first place.
  • Cowboy Pea 2: So we got two boots now?
  • Cowboy Pea 1: No, we're still talking about the very first boot.
  • Cowboy Pea 2: But what happened about the very first spur?
  • Cowboy Pea 1: He's in the very first spur! Aren't you listenin'?
  • Moe: Ahh, guys? Guys? Trying to enjoy paradise over here.
  • Cowboy Pea 1: Oh, sorry guv.
  • Cowboy Pea 2: Beg your pardon.
  • Cowboy Pea 1: Won't let it happen again!
  • Moe: Thanks.
  • Cowboy Pea 1: Gitface.
  • Cowboy Pea 2: Pillock.
  • Cowboy Pea 1: Think he's such a big shot 'cause he's got his name on a poster. These showbiz folk all the same.
  • Cowboy Pea 2: Yeah, the rats are the stars, actually.
  • Cowboy Pea 1: Yeah, of course they are. But he does get all the birds.
  • Cowboy Pea 2: We do all the work, he gets all the credit.
  • Cowboy Pea 1: He gets everything.
  • Cowboy Pea 2: Yes, he does. Everything.
  • Cowboy Pea 1: You said it mate.
  • Cowboy Pea 2: I know.

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