The teaser trailer for The Lone Stranger Forever.


  • Narrator: What if...
  • Moe: Hi Ho Sliver Away!
  • Narrator: Dodgeball City was taken over by Playmobil?
  • Mayor: Let you go?
  • Aaron: God said so.
  • Narrator: What if...
  • Wyatt: Nobody draws a dodgeball in the mayor's office... but me.
  • Narrator: Moe's magical stick didn't work?
  • Moe: I guess I did kinda blow it in there.
  • Narrator: Could his dream still come true?
  • (Lightning bolt)
  • (Rain falling on Dodgeball City)
  • Mayor: YOU WILL DIE, MOE! Reverse the moon and sun. Turn back, time and time, unravel Moe's happily-ever-after.
  • Narrator: The Lone Stranger Forever.

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