Here is the theatrical trailer for The Lone Stranger Forever. This has the style of the old classic black-and-white horror films.


  • (Mad scientist's lab)
  • (Dark, scary music plays)
  • Narrator: The good city of Playmobil City was unharmed, until one day, when everyone became slaves, a masked cucumber ever to join a support group comes out of a basket for the first time to stop the slavery from an evil mayor because in the most locational part on Earth - thousands of feet below the surface, the unthinkable has happened.
  • (Door opens)
  • (The Lone Stranger and Aaron tumble out of the doorway)
  • Moe: Oof! (Looks around) There's no one here.
  • Aaron: Just check the schedule.
  • Moe: (Picks up clipboard and pencil) 9:28 P.M.
  • Aaron: 9:28.
  • Moe: Mad scientist's lab?
  • Aaron: Mad scientist's lab.
  • Moe: Uhh...
  • Aaron: Gimme that. It's Portuguese. Moe, does this look like Portugal to you? When you were canyon guarding, passing notes to workers, the rest of us were studying geography. This ain't Portugal, it's the Old West.
  • Moe: How original. He must've read the schedule wrong.
  • Aaron: That's crazy.
  • Moe: Haven't I hired three professionals to plug up a destructive star? 
  • Aaron: No... But by the way, I'm gonna go back into the break room and throw up all the donuts.
  • Moe: What?
  • (Aaron leaves)
  • Moe: Don't you get it, you big throw rub?
  • (Grrr....)
  • (Title "The Lone Stranger Forever")
  • Narrator: The Lone Stranger Forever.
  • Moe: Aaron? Aaron? Open the door! OPEN THE DOOR! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! AHHHHHH!!
  • (Caption "Coming to theaters everywhere")
  • Narrator: Coming to theaters everywhere.

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