The Rise of the Not-So Merry Men

"The Rise of the Not-So Merry Men" DVD cover

This story explains the origin of Robin Good and his not-so merry men.


Just watched Robin Good? Well, this story explains how they became the not-so merry men.


While Robin fundraises from the poor, he stumbles upon some origin videotapes. When he shows his merry men, they show him a photo album. The story begins with a young Robin Good receiving a bow and quiver for his birthday. While he is at school one fateful day, soldiers came and sold his house and sent his parents to battle. When Robin found out what happened when he got off the bus, he was kidnapped by landlords. They took him to a monastery, where they sold him into slavery. Bill Scarlet worked at a funeral service at the monastery. Each day, when Robin asked for some pig slop to feed the pigs during the monastery, monks were measured for coffins. When a monk was measured for a coffin, a pirate popped out of nowhere and shot the monk. So Bill Scarlet buried the monk. After fourteen weeks, Robin boarded a boat where he met a grape captain. There, he and his sailors took Robin to the country coast. There, they set off on foot to the nearest town, but their directions were a little off. After twenty-eight days of camping, their supplies had ran out so they stopped at a restaurant - the same restaurant from the Tomato Hunters silly song - and then they met Friar Cluck, who worked at an unemployment office. But due to some problems, he lost his job. Then they boarded a different boat and sailed to a harbor. Little John ran a wig store. Big Red was rangling some beasts by making them lemonade. At that very moment, they decided to team up. So they were in Bethlingham fundraising from the rich and giving to the poor.


  • Larry the Cucumber as Robin Good
  • Mr. Lunt as Bill Scarlet
  • Jean-Claude Pea as Big Red
  • Archibald Asparagus as Friar Cluck
  • Jimmy Gourd as Little John
  • Pa Grape as the Boat Captain
  • Pea Monks as themselves

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