Girlz in the Sink

The G.I.T.S.

This is the silly song for It's a Not-So Meaningful Light


  • Petunia: Hi, everyone. This is Sweet Petunia. Normally, this should be a good time when the narrator comes on and says "And now's it's time for Silly Songs with Larry, the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song." But, I've been thinking - a talk with them girls.
  • Annie: And we decided to broaden our scope artistically.
  • Madame Blue: Yeah, we're artists.
  • Laura: Word up!
  • (Photo snaps)
  • Petunia: There's a time to be silly (Holds up Gaspard, then throws it away) and there's a time to be serious.
  • Annie: It's time to open up our heart...
  • Madame Blue: And show how you feel - artistically!
  • (Photo snaps)
  • Annie: Cause we all have something to share.
  • (Dissolve to Larry)
  • Marching band carrot: One, two, one-two-three-four...
  • (Upbeat music)
  • Annie: Ever wonder why you like racing?
  • Girlz in the Sink: We're here to tell you why.
  • Annie: And you know why I like administration of a single racecar.
  • Girlz in the Sink: We get in perfectly.
  • Annie: We love how we race in our racecars.
  • Girlz in the Sink: We even go off-road in our cars and perform anything.
  • Larry: That's why they are racer girlz! (Girlz zoom around track)
  • Marching band members: Everyone likes racing!
  • Larry: You can tell why.
  • Girlz in the Sink: Everyone likes racing. You'll know why.
  • (At the bottom of the screen are the flashing words "We love you, G.I.T.S.!" as a bell dings)
  • (The winner throws a trophy, a wreath and a glass of water at Annie)
  • Racecar Announcer: Start your engines, the rest of the girlz!
  • (VROOM!)
  • (Each racecar part falls off)
  • Narrator: This has been Silly Songs with the Girlz. Tune in next time to hear Annie say:
  • Annie: Okay. Now that we cancelled automobile production, no one will ever go on wheels again.
  • (A tire rolls)
  • (Annie hops off with a car tire stapled to her back)

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