• (VeggieTales logo shows up)
  • Narrator: He dropped into a magical world unlike any other...
  • (Cut to Darby (Junior Asparagus) walking around Munchieland in awe)
  • Darby (voiceover): I guess Tutu and I are not in Earth...
  • Narrator: He had only one goal in mind... But he made some friends along the way.
  • (Cut to the four skipping towards the Land of Ha's)
  • Darby (voiceover): You guys are the best friends in the world, ya know that?
  • Narrator: Now that he's home, something doesn't feel right... (Blackscreen) or does it?
  • (Cut to Darby spinning through the air in the trailer)
  • (Flash to the Tin Man (Larry the Cucumber), The Hungry Lion (Pa Grape) and the Munchies giving Darby a group hug)
  • Hungry Lion: Hoorah! He returned!
  • Tin Man: All hail Darby O'Gill! The son of a dental floss farmer!
  • (Trumpet sounds as we flash to the Scarecrow (Mr. Lunt) dancing with Darby in a huge throne room)
  • Scarecrow (over the trumpet sounds): I can't believe it! Darby's back!
  • Narrator: And they all lived happily ever after, right?
  • (Close up of Darby)
  • Darby: No.
  • (Cut to the Tin Man and Lion in the throne room)
  • Lion: Are we gonna hafta fight?
  • Tin Man (shakes his head): I don't think he'll rest until we do.
  • (Cut to a man laughing maniacally in the witch's castle)
  • Darby: Oh dear.
  • Lion: We're gonna die!
  • Scarecrow: Ahh, this doesn't look good.
  • Tin Man: I'm gonna throw up!
  • (Cut to Splenda (Madame Blueberry) talking to everyone gathered around her)
  • Splenda: He possess an evil that surpasses any I've ever seen.
  • Darby: Well, he was a lawyer once.
  • Tin Man: (Cut to him and Scarecrow in a library) You gotta tell Darby. What if any of you don't come out of the battle alive? (Pan to Scarecrow's face as the words sink in)
  • (As epic music plays, images flash by very quickly- Darby sparring, a girl is studying an enormous book, Darby and his friends stand on a hill while Chester (Gordon) and his army of onions stand on another hill, preparing a battle, the Hungry Lion lunges at a person, Darby and the Scarecrow hug each other, the Tin Man swings a rubber tomahawk furiously into something off-screen, Scarecrow dodges a huge popcorn meteor, Splenda with her eyes closed and her hair blowing as magic swirls rapidly around her, Darby kicks someone off-screen, monkeys crash through a glass skylight, Tin Man looks curiously at a striped bow he picked up off the ground, and the Lion flinches as the camera zooms right at him)
  • (Sudden blackscreen and silence)
  • (Fade up to Darby and Chester falling into a river)
  • Scarecrow (cries, thinking Darby is dead): Oh, Darby...
  • (Drumbeat to blackscreen. Big, bold, golden letters fade up)
  • Narrator: Get caught up in a tornado of laughter and fun with VeggieTales - The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's 2: Toil and Trouble. A lesson in overcoming pride. Coming to DVD this spring. Plus a special silly song from the Boyz in the Sink! Also look for The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's on DVD, Digital Download and Blu-Ray! Or, for more info; check out our website at !

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